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Among Us’ New Map: Every Theory Explained

Innersloth has prodded a fifth guide for Among Us in 2021’s guide, and there are as of now a significant number fan speculations about where it very well may be found.

Among Us’ New Map Every Theory Explained

Another guide will be delivered for Among Us eventually sooner rather than later, and hypotheses have effectively begun to seem with respect to where it might actually be set. While a large portion of the game’s past maps have revolved around a comparable subject, each is put in an exceptional area, and almost certainly, the fifth guide will go with the same pattern. Here are a couple of hypotheses regarding where the fifth Among Us guide could be found.

The fifth guide was declared as a feature of 2021’s Among Us guide, as uncovered by engineer Innersloth during the current year’s Summer Game Fest. Alongside the forthcoming guide, Innersloth uncovered a few different elements and enhancements going to the game. A portion of these, for example, the 15-player entryway update and Among Us’ further developed craftsmanship style, have effectively been delivered. Others, similar to the Hide-and Seek game mode and new jobs, presently can’t seem to show up.

Among Us Impostor Plush Spotted Inside Claw Machine

The latest guide to have been acquainted with Among Us was the Airship, which delivered toward the finish of March 2021 close by new assignments and areas. Right now, it’s the biggest guide in Among Us, however it’s conceivable that the fifth guide could take this title all things considered. Little has been uncovered about the impending new guide right now put something aside for a couple secret pictures that have been spilled by Innersloth.

An Industrial Factory Would Be Perfect For Among Us

One thought that has been talked about is that Among Us’ fifth guide could take players to a processing plant or the like. The metal meshes and different designs found in Innersloth’s secret pictures appear to help this or a comparable setting. Numerous manufacturing plants have underground regions, all things considered, and work-engaged or even organization based components are both moderately normal in a portion of the game’s different guides like MIRA HQ. Besides, a modern industrial facility roused Among Us guide could assist offset with excursion the blend of cleaned science fiction ideas with the grittier, sensible plan components that have similarly showed up in past maps.

While the pictures that Innersloth has given have hitherto seemed, by all accounts, to be inside, the chance remaining parts that the fifth Among Us guide could be set for the most part outside with a chosen handful inside fragments. A dugout would be an extraordinary method to move toward this idea; players could be taken to some place altogether new while all of Among Us’ indoor assignments could in any case be available too. It’s conceivable that the new guide could return crewmates to the planet MIRA HQ is situated on too, and having a shelter situated at a high elevation would keep players up in the mists indeed.

The New Among Us Map Could Be In A Mountain Bunker

Rather than the past hypothesis, the following Among Us guide could be found underground altogether, as conceivably alluded to on Innersloth’s Twitter account. A mine or a modern cavern arrangement or something to that affect seem like plausible potential outcomes. An underground setting would likewise differentiation to the topic of the Airship and MIRA HQ, and could altogether add a creepy feel to Among Us hacks strained social derivation components.

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Among Us’ Fifth Map Could Be Underground

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Among Us’ New Map Every Theory Explained Mountain Bunker

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